When You Should Take Muscle Building Supplements?

Why Do You Need Muscle Building Supplements?

You squat, you curl, you split, you row your way to that sculpted ripped body and every day you enter in the gym highly motivated that one fine day you will get that Rock Dwayne Johnson’s enviable chiseled body.

You are extremely disciplined and hardworking who try to gain maximum out of your workouts. You try your best to reduce your recovery time and eat protein-rich foods and minimize your cheat diets.

Despite trying your best sometimes, you feel that your gains are either too slow or have reached a stagnation or may even have regressed! At this point of time you need that extra boost. Invest your energy and time in finding and researching a good muscle building supplement which get you on those roads to gains, once again.

Supplements are catalysts which speed up the muscle gaining process. Supplements increase the muscle building process by at least 15-20%. However, the rest still depends upon a balanced healthy diet.

When Should You Take Muscle Building Supplements?

Timing is the most important when it comes to taking muscle boosters and not all muscle- boosting supplements are equal. There are various types of muscle building supplements.

Some people assume that taking these supplements at any given time of the day will have the same effects. The answer is ‘No’. Taking them at an inappropriate time of the day may reduce the effect of your workout and worse, it can even lead to increased weight.

There are certain kinds of supplements which you are supposed to take before a workout to boost up your energy levels and vigour while there are some others which you should take after a workout to boost muscle recovery.

How Do They Work?

Some people are able to flaunt their muscle with minimal workout. You may feel they either have won a genetic lottery or a muscle legacy. True to an extent but muscle building also depends upon your testosterone levels. If you have ideal levels of testosterone you will find it easier to build muscles. Usually these supplements optimize the levels of testosterone in your system so that you can outperform yourself in the gym and leave no stone unturned to gain that muscle.

Dark Storm Pre Workout and Dark Storm Post Workout are two supplements (by the same manufacturer) which you can take before and after your gym workout. The former will break down quickly and fill you up with energy to work out more whereas the latter will quicken the recovery process and repairs the muscle damage.

Proceed With Caution

You should only take these supplements under supervision of an experienced gym trainer or post consulting a doctor. There are hardly any side effects of muscle building supplements but some may suit your body requirements more than the others. Keep a proper healthy diet, a comprehensive workout plan and a resolute healthy lifestyle to gain maximum.

When Should You Not Take Muscle Building Supplements?

Young boys are easily tricked and maneuvered into taking these muscle boosters. They want quick results in no time. However, underage boys and boys at the brink of puberty must not take them as these supplements might disturb their natural body cycle and might even distort the hormonal balance of their bodies. If a kid is too keen or stubborn then encourage him to ingest a natural protein-rich diet which will also yield great results.

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