11 Things to Keep in Mind While Choosing A Health Insurance Plan

Choosing a health insurance plan has never been easy. Here, we have provided 11 key points which will help you make a smart decision. 1. Find the Marketplace Often people don’t require the government insurance marketplace. Although, they must search for an exchange plan besides the one provided by the employer. 2. Choose The Right […]

35 Strangest Things That Have Happened on Planes

When we board a plane, we expect a bit more than a pleasant neighbour but sometimes we get to see some strange things happening on our aeroplane journeys. You know what we are talking . You have experienced it. Here are some incidents when people did hilariously bizzare things on plane. Seriously? What were they […]

Top 15 Reasons Why You Should Buy Life Insurance Policy Online

No doubt, the Term insurance plans are some of the affordable and cheapest ways of family protection if something worst happens to any member. Because of the implementation of new taxes on the insurance policies, the premium prices have considerably increased. But, if you still compare the policies of both the private and public sector […]